Sunday Inspiration {Funfetti Edition}

It’s birthday week people! Today is my grandma’s birthday, my birthday is tomorrow (the big 3-0) and Noah’s birthday is Tuesday. So, naturally, I thought today’s Sunday Inspiration should center around birthday party food and what screams birthday more than funfetti? Nothing my friends, nothing. Sprinkles for life. I found some really fun, unique recipes from around the internets for you guys.

I have yet to make macarons but these look like the perfect ones to finally give them a go.

I LOVE shortbread so these speak to me.

Dying over these funfetti cheesecake stuffed crescent rolls.

Ice cream + cake mix = perfection.

Funfetti for breakfast. It’s how we roll.

Looks like I found our next movie night treat.


Sooo much color.

Love me some scones.

My kids (well, and me too) would love these pops this summer.

This trifle just screams party. Cake and cool whip and sprinkles for the win.

Cheesecake is my favorite dessert. Add cake mix and I’m dead.

I have lots of funfetti and cake batter recipes here on my little space so search on the right hand side for more inspiration.

*Funfetti Skillet Cookie pictured above can be found here.


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