Sunday Inspiration {Back to School Meals Edition}

One Pot SpaghettiHow is it August already? This was pretty much the quickest summer ever and Noah will be starting kindergarten in 10 DAYS! So if you need me, I’ll be in the corner crying. Does everyone else start this early? It always seems nice when the kids are out of school in early May but then August runs around and bam, it’s all over. With school and sports starting up soon, I decided to compile some quick and simple meals that will be easy to throw together on those busy nights.

These skewers. Because we all know, if it’s on a stick a kid will eat it.

A cheese quesadilla as a base for pizza. Enough said right.

Slow cookers are where it’s at when it comes to busy nights. This Cashew Chicken looks to die.

This Chili Tortellini looks like a family pleaser.

A fun, healthy spin on Chinese takeout.

All of my people are seafood fans so this would be a winner.

I love the sweet and spicy combination of this slow cooker chipotle pork with pineapple slaw.

My kids will always eat a sandwich, especially sliders, so these are definitely happening.

This quick shrimp taco salad looks incredible and super easy.

If your kids don’t like these slow cooker spaghettios and meatballs then I don’t know what to tell you.

Another healthy version of takeout that is done in a flash.

Buzzfeed saves the day again with a roundup of 27 weeknight meals your kids will love.

This slow cooker whole chicken can be a simple meal or transform into pulled chicken sandwiches, chicken salad and more.

I’m dying to try this kalua pig.

*One Pot Spaghetti pictured above.


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