Toasted S’mores Dip

Toasted S'mores Dip

I’m taking a summertime favorite and turning it into a delicious dip. Toasted S’mores Dip combines all the classic s’mores ingredients, marshmallows, chocolate chips and graham crackers to create the new must-have dessert at all your summer bashes.  When I think of summer desserts, s’mores are always at the top of my list. Whenever we

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S’mores Ice Cream

  S’mores and ice cream are basically the two best foods summer has to offer so I decided to combine them into a rich and outrageous dessert. Let me warn you, there’s some major chocolate overload in this ice cream. You all know I’m not a huge fan of chocolate so I will admit this wasn’t

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Sunday Inspiration {S’mores Edition}

I have to admit I don’t love marshmallows. The only time I’m down with them is when they are brown, bubbly and melty between chocolate and graham crackers. Aka the s’more. With summer around the corner, s’mores are going to be all over the place. But why stop at a simple, traditional s’more when you

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