Spicy Chex Mix

Need to add a little spice to your holidays? This Spicy Chex Mix is just what you need for snacking.

This Spicy Chex Mix is the perfect addition to your holiday baking list. It adds delicious spice, salt and crunch to the overload of sugary treats. This post may contain affiliate links. For more information, please read my disclosure policy. I’ve said it time and time again, I’m totally a salty snack kind of person.

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Caramel Cashew Chex

You guys, this Caramel Cashew Chex Mix is seriously addicting. I’m just going to apologize right now because you will be eating this by the handfuls. Then you’ll look down and the container will be half gone. And you’ll be like “what the what?” where did all my chex mix go? Then you’ll give the

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Good Stuff {Football Food}

Good Stuff. Yep, that’s what this tasty little snack mix is called. It was brought to a luncheon at my mom’s work and it was so yummy she asked for the recipe and at the top of the paper it was scribbled on was “Good Stuff.” I can just hear the confusion, “I’m going to make

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