Let’s Catch Up: March

Let's Catch Up: March

Hey friends! Let’s catch up! Today I’m sharing some favorites from this month, some popular recipes and a check in on one  my new years goals.

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My Favorite Natural Beauty Products 


I have psoriasis so my skin is almost always dry and it’s sensitive to certain ingredients. Because of this I try to use natural products filled with moisturizing ingredients. 

My skin is currently LOVING everything Primally Pure. The ingredient lists for all their products are small and safe, organic and natural.

I love the cleansing oil for removing my makeup at night. My skin feels so clean and it doesn’t dry it out like pretty much every other product I’ve tried.


I follow that up with their incredible INCREDIBLE body butter. You guys. I don’t even have words for how soft and silky this stuff is.

And the scents. I currently have the citrus + mint that I like using in the morning since it’s got a clean, bright scent. The almond + vanilla literally smells like a sugar cookie so naturally I use that one at night since it gives me the warm fuzzies. 
Let's Catch Up: March shares all my favorites from the month. Beauty products, lifestyle, most popular recipe and more.
I’ve tried a few natural deodorants in the past and haven’t had much success. I mean, we’re all friends here so I feel safe admitting I sweat easily and therefore get real smelly during workouts. It’s not pretty. Their scents are perfect and they keep me smelling fresh. I’m currently loving Geranium

Lastly, I adore their lip balms. They glide on SO smooth and are so moisturizing. I may have 6 stashed throughout my car, purse and house. No shame. The peppermint and creamsicle are my favorites.

Our New Favorite Snack

MadeGood granola minis are a new favorite in our house and I'm talking all about them in this month's Let's Catch Up post.
The kids and I discovered these MadeGood granola minis at Costco recently and we’re totally addicted. The portion size is the perfect amount for a little snack or pick me up and they only clock in at 100 calories.

They are also super convenient to throw in my bag for on the go.

On top of tasting delicious and being convenient, they are a zero waste facility, they support organic farmers and their sales support a ton of amazing charities. 

This isn’t sponsored and MadeGood doesn’t know me or that I’m writing this. It’s just a great company and snack I found and wanted to share with you all. 

Blue Light Glasses

This month's Let's Catch Up post talks all about my new blue light glasses that I've been trying out.
I’ve been contemplating blue light glasses for a looong time. I’ve put them in my Amazon cart many times just to remove them later. Are they worth the hype? Do they really work?

I get lots of headaches and my eyes are always strained at the end of the day when I’ve been doing lots of computer work. I decided they were worth a try so I finally pulled the trigger and bought a pair at the beginning of the month. Um, first of all they are the cutest on. I knew it was risky busy a pair online but since I’m only planning on wearing them around the house working or at a coffee shop I didn’t really care all that much. 

They came with a blue light test to show how they block the blue light from screens and it was kind of crazy. I’ve been using them for a month and have noticed a huge difference in my eye strain and I haven’t had any headaches. Win. At less than $20 (at the time of writing this) I think they are definitely worth a try if you sit in front of a screen all day.


This year one of my new years goals was to challenge myself in the kitchen and make something new that I’ve never attempted each month. I made Babka in January (OMG it’s worth the time, make it now) and Bangers and Mash in February.

This month I decided to give beignets a go since Mardi Gras is in March and any time I think of New Orleans I think of glorious beignets. These are from our trip to New Orleans back in 2012 when we went to see KU play in the final four. It’s also the first and last time I had beignets. Seven years is too long my friends.
This month's Let's Catch Up post is featuring some new favorites, an update on new years goals, popular recipes on the site and more.

I went directly to the source, Joy the Baker, for the recipe. It involved brown butter so I knew it was going to be good. 

They were little pillowy pockets of fried, sweet goodness. Crispy on the outside and tender, melt in your mouth inside. They are definitely not something I’ll make often since they were a lot of work but oh my gosh, they were so dang good. If you’re wanting to try your hand at beignets I definitely recommend using this recipe. 

I even made the dough the night before then covered it with plastic wrap and refrigerated so all I had to do in the morning was roll out the dough and fry them. 
We're talking Homemade Beignets for Let's Catch Up this month.
I’m thinking about trying either tostones or tamales next month. 

This Month’s Popular Recipe

Another recipe I rephotographed is popular this month, the Copycat Chick-fil-a Superfoods Salad. It’s always been pretty popular around here so I knew it deserved an update. The new photos are so much better and really showcase all the ingredients in the salad. If you need a simple and healthy side dish, grab the recipe here

That’s all I’ve got for you this month. Hope you’re enjoying the series! If you have any questions about anything I shared or have suggestions about what we should talk about on these posts, drop a comment below or send me an email. Happy weekend friends!


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