Holiday Kitchen Gift Guide {Fun Favorites}

I hope you enjoyed my favorite essential holiday gift guide I shared on Sunday. It was so fun to put together I decided to share another list of some super fun gifts that would be perfect for the foodie in your life that already has everything they need. These are things that I absolutely adore and many are on my own Christmas list this year, hint hint.
Fun Holiday Gift Guide 1
1. How fun and classic is this three tiered serving platter? I think it would be perfect for parties to serve three different mini desserts or chocolate dipped fruit or finger sandwiches. So many options. Plus, it’s from Ikea so it’s affordable.

2. I have a thing for salt and pepper shakers and these are no exception. My aesthetic usually leans toward more modern and contemporary but I was drawn toward some more traditional items this year. I’m loving these vintage, classy shakers.

3. Noah is a chopstick lover and always requests them when we go to Chinese restaurants so he’s getting these cute, reusable chopsticks in his stocking. I think they would be a fun little gift for kids or adults that aren’t the best with chopsticks, ahem.

4. This pitcher is another classic piece that would be a fun gift that I think anyone would love. It’s something that will be just as wonderful today as it will in 20 years. A gift that won’t ever go out of style is the best kind in my book.
Fun Holiday Gift Guide 2
5. These cookie stamps are so dang cute. They would just be so fun to personalize homemade sugar cookies or gingerbread. Love them (and anything from World Market if we’re being real).

6. I have a print in my dining room with this quote from Julia Child and it’s one of my favorite things in my house. That lady knew what was up. The exact print I own is no longer available but this one is just as adorable. Have I mentioned I love Etsy. It’s a great resource for unique, handmade gifts. Plus, it supports small business which is always a good choice.

7. This necklace is another absolutely adorable Etsy find. I mean, are you dying or is it just me?

8. This gold faceted stemless glassware would be perfection for a New Years Eve party or any fancy pants gathering you throw. It’s so shiny and sparkly and mesmerizing.
Fun Holiday Gift Guide 3
9. I’ve always thought Moscow Mule Mugs were really cute. Have I ever had a Moscow Mule? No, but I’m sure many of you have and these mugs look like the perfect way to serve them.

10. I’ve mentioned my love for Penzey’s spices many times around here and wanted to include them on my essential list but kind of spaced it at the last minute so I had to share them today. I’ve totally become a spice snob and buy exclusively from Penzey’s (unless it’s an emergency and needed in the next few days – we don’t have a store in town so I have to wait until we drive to Omaha or order online). They are the best quality and I think still a really great price. My favorites are the dutch process cocoa, roasted garlic powder, peppercorns and basil. I also have their pepper grinder and salt shaker set which is lovely. If you want to get a fun gift for a friend or family member, they have great gift boxes. P.S. Penzey’s, build a Lincoln location. Thanks.

11. I saw this wood bark pedestal stand on my latest trip to World Market. I had it in my hands. I put it in my cart and walked around the store. Then circled back and put it away because it was too close to Christmas to buy for myself. I immediately regretted my decision. It’s a good thing the store is an hour away because otherwise it would be in my kitchen. It’s whimsical and unique and would be a great, unique gift. Seriously love it!

12. I decided to switch to cloth napkins last Christmas and haven’t looked back! I have quite a few so that I don’t have to be constantly washing them and it has really worked out well for us. I’ve had to let go of expectations that they will always look pristine and that’s it’s ok to use them, even if you have mustard on your mouth (ahem, Noah). I have the ones pictured above and I have been absolutely pleased with the quality and whimsy they provide. They wash up wonderfully and most any stain comes out (except for aforementioned mustard).
Fun Holiday Gift Guide 4
13. This slate cheese board is another thing I had my eye on at World Market but didn’t purchase. Insert sad face here. I love that you can write on it so that your guests know exactly what everything is. And I think it’s another piece that you could use for years and years to come.

14. Not only are these little bowls adorable, but when you purchase them half of the money goes to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. They are so festive and would be fun to serve burnt sugar almonds in during your holiday party.

15. Are these taco trucks necessary? Absolutely not but they are funny and verging on a gag gift and I love them.
Fun Holiday Gift Guide 5
16. These sprinkles aren’t something I would buy for myself but would love to receive as a gift. Sometimes it’s nice to give something you know a person would love but wouldn’t splurge on for themselves. These sprinkles are mesmerizing and over the top fun. They would definitely be hidden on top of the fridge away from any little hands. And there are so many cute and magical color combinations.

17. I don’t bake without my apron. Is it because I’m fancy or messy? Here’s a hint, I almost exclusively live in workout clothes sooo….. Ok, it does make me feel a little fancy too. My kiddos have their own too and they are perfect to keep us clean and wipe our hands on. I am loving this one from Anthropologie.

18. I follow Brittany on Instagram and am totally in love with her products. Her mugs have me cracking up on the daily and this one about Britney Spears is my particular favorite. She has lots of fun mugs, prints and totes. I pretty much want all the things.

*Links in this post are not affiliate links, I just love these items and wanted to share them with you. Also, all photos in this post are from the original source websites.

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