Sunday Inspiration {Apples}

Apple Zucchini Bread 6

This week I’m thinking all about apples. Aren’t you? Sometimes it’s hard to think outside the box when it comes to using up apples but I’m here to the rescue. You are going to love these creative savory and sweet uses for your latest haul.

Pork and apples are a perfect combination. These pork chops are fancied up with a granny smith cream sauce.

This meatloaf uses shredded apple as an egg replacement which still keeps it moist and adds a sweet touch. Plus, it’s wrapped in bacon.

A grown up grilled cheese featuring cheddar, bacon and apples. Great for an autumn weeknight meal.

It doesn’t get much more refreshing than this apple slaw. This would be perfection for those of you still experiencing summer temps {and umm, me}.

These caramel apple cinnamon rolls have everything going for them. Small batch so there’s no overindulging and no rise time because sometimes we don’t want to wait.

Kind of dying over these apple pie filled doughnuts.

You could totally get away with this apple pie panini for breakfast.

These individual apple tarts look fancy but are simple to put together.

I love a doctored up cake mix recipe and these cupcakes look easy and full of warm, fall flavors.

My kids love baked oatmeal so this is a wonderful way to make it seasonal. And it’s filled with lots of good for you ingredients.

Seriously, the dripping glaze, the apple chunks, I can’t stop staring. This cake should end every meal this fall.

*Apple Zucchini Bread pictured above can be found here.

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