Sunday Inspiration {Ice Cream Edition}

Rocky Road Ice Cream 3
I just found out that June is National Dairy Month. I’m pretty sure ice cream is the best way to celebrate. Am I right?

Magic shell to a 4 year old is like spotting a leprechaun or better yet, a unicorn. It just doesn’t get much better.

Again with the sweet and salty.

Seriously. Insane. And all the combinations!

This has been on my list to make forever.

Mini is always better.

Brown Sugar Poptarts may be one of my guilty pleasures so OMG.

One of my favorite flavor combos.

Peanut butter for life.

I mean, the color.

Get in my belly.

I’ve only ever had one flavor of gelato, pistachio and it looks like it’s staying that way.

Loving the presentation on this one.

Is this real life?

Milkshakes. Always a good choice.

You know I love me so texture.

So, so refreshing.

You need more calcium, you know.

*Ice cream pictured above is Rocky Road.



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