Sunday Inspiration {Summer Cocktail Edition}

Spring Sangria 3
Let’s get boozy, shall we? I’m not a big drinker but I enjoy a cocktail every now and again, especially in the summer. So here’s my collection of must try summer cocktails.

Spring Sangria is light and easy for summer {pictured above}.

Painkillers always bring me back to my honeymoon. They are all over the Virgin Islands and we drank our fair share when we were there. This popsicle version also sounds divine.

Joel’s dream drink right here.

Mojitos are one of my go-to drinks. Add a blender and cherries for the ultimate summer sipper.

A collection of summertime Kahlua cocktails. Yes.

Another honeymoon favorite.

Dying over this one.

This is simple yet fancy.

Rum and coke meets coke float with an added bonus of cherry. Must try.

Adult slushie. Enough said.

ALL the citrus.

Mint chocolate chip and I are besties so this is a no brainer.

2 ingredient cocktails for lazy summer days.

So dang refreshing.



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