Holiday Baking Must Haves

I have several gadgets and instruments that are absolutely required whenever I am in the kitchen baking. With holiday baking in full swing, I thought it would be fun to share my favorites and must haves when it comes to Christmas goodies. Plus, these would be great gifts for any foodies in your life.
1. Stainless Steel Measuring Cups – I have several sets of measuring cups but my stainless steel ones are what I always reach for when baking. I can’t say they are any better than any other kind but I just prefer them and they seem fancy.

2. Small Wet Measuring Cup – This measures 1/2 Tbsp. to 1/4 cup of wet ingredients. I wasn’t sure how often I would use it when I bought it but it’s something I use all the time. It’s perfect when a recipe calls for a few tablespoons of wet ingredients. Love it.

3. Baker’s Rolling Pin – This is perfect for rolling out cookie dough and pie crusts. I especially like it for smaller batch items since it’s smaller than the average rolling pin. Plus, it doesn’t stick as badly as my French rolling pin so less flour has to be used when rolling out.

4. Cookie Scoops – These are an absolute must for baking. Like, I think I would have a little breakdown if something happened to them and I had to portion cookies in a different way. Not.Gonna.Happen. I love to use a big one for muffins or cupcakes too. Perfect! And what a fun stocking stuffer, just saying.

5. All Silicone Spatulas – Perfect for mixing and scraping. I love the all silicone ones because they don’t get any batter stuck in between the handle.

6. Cookie Spatula – I use this constantly for getting cookies off of the cookie sheets. It’s just the right size.

7. Microplane – So many recipes call for citrus zest, chocolate shavings and such so you can imagine this gets a lot of use in my house. Plus, it’s great for cooking dinner too.

8. Pretty Measuring Spoons – Ok, so these aren’t absolutely required but they just make baking lots more fun and a little prettier. I got mine at a little shop downtown but I have seen them at different kitchen stores and specialty shops. Another great idea for Christmas. They even have some cute ones on Jane today on the cheap.

9. Flexible Cutting Boards – I totally forgot to number this above in the photo but all the gadgets are sitting on my very favorite cutting boards. My mom and a friend raved about flexible cutting boards so I finally went out and bought some and I love them too! They don’t move around, take up little space when not being used and are just more fun. I bought mine at Ikea but have seen them at Home Goods, Target and TJ Maxx.

10. KitchenAid Mixer – This isn’t pictured but is a must when baking. I received mine as an engagement present and have loyally used it since. I can’t imagine baking, especially at Christmastime, without it.

11. Silicone Mat – These are great for rolling out dough as well as baking.

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