Naples Food Tour

I know this is a little late but life has been hectic around here and I just haven’t had time to write about all our vacation indulgences. Now that all the craziness of July is winding down I will have some time to catch up on blogging and finally edit all of the photos I have taken this month!

The first place I will share with you all is Sweet Mama’s Island Cuisine. Before leaving for vacation, I searched around the net for some ideas and suggestions on where to eat. Our goal was to not eat any chains and we only broke it once for Dunkin Donuts but that is totally understandable…we don’t have them so it doesn’t count.

Anyway, I was looking around Trip Advisor and this little place was rated #1 in Naples so I knew it was a place we should try. They featured a few Caribbean dishes that were too out there for us (Goat and Oxtail) but we were still able to find something that we would enjoy. And I apologize for the not so great quality of photos, I kept forgetting my second lens at our condo so I was having some techinal difficulties.
Jerk Chicken
I decided on the Jerk Chicken and it was really happy with it. I like spicy food but not crazy hot and this was bordering on a bit too hot for me. The flavor was amazing though. The food does take a bit longer than normal but it was worth the wait. {Sweet Mama’s Island Cuisine – Naples, FL)
After we enjoyed our meal, Mama herself came out to greet us and ask how we enjoyed everything. She talked to Noah for awhile and got quite a kick out of him.Fernandez the Bull - Naples, FL

Our absolute favorite meal was from Fernandez the Bull, a restaurant specializing in Cuban food. The menu was huge making it very difficult to choose a meal so we ended up passing around bites of everyone’s food so we could try lots of things.

Every single thing I tried was amazing but my favorite was fortunately the meal I ordered for myself, Mastistas de Puerco. It was a marinated pork that was chunked and slow cooked then fried and covered with Mojo sauce. It just fell apart and the mojo was super citrusy and garlicy.

Another favorite was the Chimichurri Chicken that my grandma ordered. The chicken was so juicy and the chimichurri sauce was the best I have ever had. Joel and my mom each had a different Cuban (a traditional one and a twist on the traditional) and both were really delicious. {Fernandez the Bull – Naples, FL}
Tres Leches Cake
I have never had Tres Leches cake before and saw that it was on the menu so we decided to splurge and give it a try. I don’t usually like anything that is soggy but this cake is a huge exception. It was moist, dense, creamy and rich. Definitely something you want to share with someone! {Fernandez the Bull – Naples, FL}
Monkey Bread
When I was searching online, I found another place via Trip Advisor that I knew we would have to try, The MonKey Bread Factory. They feature many different flavors and I knew it would be hard to decide. I mean, how do you choose between Pumpkin Pie, Coconut and Pina Colada? Well, when we got there we were informed that they only had cinnamon so that was pretty disappointing but we were there so might as well try it, right?
Monkey Bread
It had a crumbly, struesel-like topping that was really yummy along with a cream cheese icing dolloped on top. It was incredibly sugary and we could only eat a few bites but it was really good. {The MonKey Bread Factory – Naples, FL}
Coconut Macaroon
I just tried Joel’s and decided on a dark chocolate covered macaroon for myself. You can’t go wrong with coconut and chocolate in my book. {The MonKey Bread Factory – Naples, FL}

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