Noah’s 1st Birthday!

I cannot believe my baby is one! This has been the most rewarding, special, exhausting, amazing, sleepless and blissful year of my life. Becoming a mom is the best thing I’ve ever done and Noah is my greatest joy! I look at him everyday and wonder why I am so lucky. God blessed me with a happy, beautiful blue-eyed boy and I will be forever in awe.

I am still a bit in shock that it’s already his 1st birthday. This first year went by so fast and I get a little teary eyed thinking about my baby not being my “baby” anymore. He is such a wild and curious little man and he has to know everything that’s going on. He keeps me on my toes and is always up for a good chase.

Noah absolutely loves Elmo so we decided that was a must for the party theme. I hit up Party City for much of the decor and got the cute streamer idea for the dessert table at Annie’s Eats.

His amazing cake is from The Cake Specialist and it was absolutely delicious. This is our go to bakery (even though we no longer live in Nebraska – my parents always come up for special occasions so they bring it up for us).

I considered making his cake myself but I really wanted a tiered cake which I have never attempted and I didn’t want my first try to be for such an important event. And I was trying not to go overboard (wasn’t successful there) so I would stress out (lost on this one too).

The bakery made a special smash cake just for Noah. We thought he would totally destroy it but he ended up digging in then looking at his hands in disgust, opening and closing them because of the frosting. He tried a little bit but was just too disturbed about the frosting all over his hands.  

He did enjoy the cake when it was fed to him though. He demolished the Elmo cookies I made at a surprising rate. I was pretty proud of how they turned out, especially since it was only my second time decorating sugar cookies. They took FOREVER so I’m glad that he enjoyed them so much!

The menu consisted of burgers, brats, pasta salad, potato salad, layered salad, fruit and veggie trays with yummy dips, baked beans, mac-n-cheese, Elmo sugar cookies, cake and ice cream. I will be sharing the recipes very soon with you all.

The party was just perfect and was everything I wanted for our little man. Thanks to our family and friends for helping make this such a great and cherished day for us! We created some priceless memories that will not be forgotten anytime soon. Happy Birthday my love, you are amazing and I love you with all my heart!

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  1. Looks like it was a great party! I can’t believe a year has gone by already. Love those Elmo cookies by the way. Elmo is Louie’s favorite too!

  2. Pat (grandma) Payne

    I am so sorry that we couldn’t attend this very special event. I can’t believe that he is a year old already either. How many photos of him have you taken over the last year? Hugs and kisses from us. Love to all

    1. We understand…that’s a long trip! I’ve probably taken thousands of pictures of him, thank goodness for digital cameras! He’s definitely a well photographed baby! Miss and love you guys!

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