DIY Cupcake Picks

I was trying to think of a creative way to decorate my tie-dye cupcakes and the crafty side of my brain kicked in and thought “why not DIY cupcake picks?” I love scrapbooking but don’t find much time for it these days.

I searched through my scrapbook supplies and came across some fun 4th of July stickers. The finished product will be adorable placed on top of my red, white and blue cupcakes (frosting recipe coming soon).

First, gather all your supplies.  What you need: 4th of July stickers or die-cuts, coordinating scrapbook paper, toothpicks, tape, scissors, pen or pencil, circle template that is a bit larger than your stickers (if you are using circles).

Next, trace your circle (or other shape) and cut it out then stick the sticker in the center. Another option would be to simply place the sticker on paper and cut around it, just leaving the sticker visible. I ended up liking the results of the second option better.

Tape a toothpick to the back of the sticker and you are done. Place on a piped cupcake for a festive, unique cupcake topper! Stay tuned for the frosting recipe and all the pieces of these festive cupcakes put together.

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