Kitchen Holiday Gift Guide {My Favorite Essentials}

With Christmas just a few weeks away, I wanted to share some of my favorite kitchen essentials that would make perfect gifts for your loved ones (or yourself). There are so many items I would like to share with you but I tried to narrow it down as best I could to my very favorites. I’m also going to share some not so essential but super fun ideas at the end of the week that would be perfect for gifting.
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1. Flat Whisk – this is perfect for making sauces, gravies and roux. It gets in the corners of pans much better than a traditional whisk.

2. Silicone Spatulas – I absolutely love these spatulas and they are very rarely clean, even though I have 4. That’s how often I use them! They scrape batter out of bowls like a dream and are really great for getting every last drop out of a can. It’s nice to have the different sizes too. This specific set even comes with a couple silicone basting brushes.

3. USA Pans – These pans are amazing. They are made in the USA which I love, nothing ever sticks to them and things always bake evenly. I just can’t say enough good things about them.
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4. AirBake Cookie Sheets – These are the only cookie sheets I use. They bake the cookies evenly every time and prevent them from getting too brown on the bottom. I have 4 that I use on the regular (2 of which were wedding gifts 7 years ago).

5. Top Chop Butcher Block – I received this for my birthday this year and use it everyday. It’s pretty enough to sit on my counter, which is does, and do double duty in my photos. I’m sure it looks familiar. You have to keep up with oiling it to keep it in good shape but it doesn’t take much time or effort.

6. Flour Sack Towels – I use these towels for rising bread, drying hands and cleaning up countertop messes. Love love them.

7. Bench Scraper – I’ve seen all the fancy chefs use these and wasn’t sure if it was really necessary but I went ahead and asked for one for a birthday or Christmas and am so glad I did. It’s perfect for scraping up every last bit of produce you’ve chopped, making sure nothing is wasted or that it doesn’t take 5 times to get it all with your hands.
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8. KitchenAid Mixer – The holy grail of all kitchen appliances. I’ve had my KitchenAid mixer for 9 years and it’s still going strong. Seriously one of my favorite gifts ever. I don’t know what I would do without it.

9. Vitamix – Another one of my favorite gifts. I wasn’t sure if the hype about these magical blenders was true but it so is. This thing can blend anything into smooth perfection. I use it several times a week to make smoothies. It’s also amazing for blending soups, sauces, dressings, marinades and more.

10. KitchenAid Food Processor – There are some things I prefer whirring up in a food processor versus a blender. Dips, anything involving cream cheese and cracker crumbs are among some of them. This was also from our wedding and has gotten heavy use.

11. Keurig – Coffee. In seconds. In all kinds of tasty flavors. Enough said.
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12. Citrus Squeezer – you get so much more juice out of lemons, limes and oranges with this awesome little gadget.

13. 2 Quart Glass Measuring Cup With Lid – I love these giant glass measuring cups. Not only are they awesome for measuring (duh) but for mixing batters or large batches of dressings. Then just throw the lid on and put it in the fridge.

14. Mini Measuring Cup – And on the other side, these are great for accurately measuring small amounts of liquid. Dressings, marinades, batters for the win. I love this thing.

15. Microplane – I use this almost daily for parmesan cheese or zesting citrus. It’s super sharp so I really like that it has a protective case since a certain little person I love is currently obsessed with the utensil drawer.

There we have it people. Some of my favorite and most used items in my kitchen. I hope this helps with your gifting this holiday season!

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