Sunday Inspiration {DIY Pantry Staples}

Peanut Butter
Whether you’ve run out of an item or you want to avoid added sugars, chemicals or calories you can make a lot of staples in your pantry or refrigerator at home. And they are usually simple and much cheaper than the store-bought version. I love making my own peanut butter, taco seasoning, honey mustard, ketchup, chicken stock, croutons, vanilla extract and much more. Here’s a round up of some other DIY pantry staples I love.

Oftentimes, a recipe calls for cake flour or self-rising which I may not have on hand but have no fear. You can make your own cake flour, self-rising flour and even powdered sugar.

I loved Cheez-Its as a kid so this homemade version naturally needs to happen.

Say yes to fancy ketchup.

Maybe chips aren’t a staple in your house. They probably shouldn’t be. But, I.LOVE.CHIPS. So these.

This sweet BBQ Sauce would be divine on all the things.

This vinaigrette, called Best Dressing, sounds delectable and is super easy to throw together.

Homemade marshmallow crème for baked goods or a spoon.

I don’t usually buy canned soups but some recipes that I like or want to try call for cream of whatever soup. Here’s a little DIY that doesn’t have all the bad junk.

Homemade sun dried tomatoes will make you feel fancy.

Everybody’s crazy about Nutella. Why not make it at home?

Amazingly smooth hummus is a pantry staple right?

Homemade breadcrumbs with that old bread sitting on the counter.


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