Sunday Inspiration {Summer Crafts + Science Edition}

Candy Land
After everything I’ve eaten this weekend, I just couldn’t bare looking at food so I decided to gather up some fun crafts and activities to keep the kiddos busy this summer. Noah is super creative and doesn’t spend a lot of time playing with toys but rather building and creating. We plan on doing lots of projects and experiments this summer to keep busy. We try to keep them simple at this point since Noah doesn’t have a super long attention span and projects are sometimes hard to do with “destructor,” aka Hannah, running around. Here’s some we plan on trying this summer.

My boys made this together and love playing with it.

We love sidewalk chalk at our house so this will be a major hit.

Food + Fun will keep the kids busy.

Sometimes I wonder if my kids are fish so all these water ideas will keep them busy for hours.

Noah loves to know how things work (How It’s Made is one of his favorite shows) so he would just love this experiment.

A marshmallow catapult. I mean, come on.

More fun, colorful science.

Total mess, but looks like a blast. Use water ideas above after….

Fun crafts to feed your favorite feathered friends.

We’ve already done this several times this summer and it’s a big hit.

Cheap and fun and cools you off.

I remember my mom making peanut butter play dough when I was a kid. Definitely becoming a tradition for us too.

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