Sunday Inspiration {Father’s Day Edition}

Corn Dogs 3
Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s out there and especially to all the men in my life. To my dad, thank you for always being a positive role model of what a loving, dedicated father and husband should be. For helping me with my math homework, even when I didn’t get the way you explained it which ended in frustration on both ends and me storming off. I would get so irritated at the time but looking back, it ended like that at times because we are the same person. I didn’t see it then. I hope that I portray the strong, silent type as well as you do. Thank you for my baggy, squinty eyes because when I see them, I see you. For teaching me to be strong, to always have respect for myself and not take any crap from anybody. Thank you for loving my kids with all your heart and making them follow the rules (even when they don’t like it).

To Joel, becoming parents has changed us. It brought my stress to a higher level and my patience to a lower one. Thank you for rounding me out, for reminding me that the world will not implode if we’re late or the house is a mess or a birthday party isn’t pinterest perfect. Thank you for coming home from work and going right into dad mode even though you are tired too. For seeking out opportunities to spend quality time with our babies. Thank you for loving us more than your job and always having a good balance.

Ok, enough with the mushy stuff. Here’s some manly food to celebrate the dude’s in your life.

Beer + Cheese.

Beer + Batter. Are you sensing a trend?

This is one man pleasing pizza.

What’s a manly food round-up without a burger?

Or something buffalo wing flavored?


All the spicy.

Ridiculous and intense uses for bacon.

Hot dogs galore right here.

Brownies can be manly too.

*Corn Dogs pictured above can be found here.

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