Noah’s 2nd Birthday!

Noah’s second year has been quite a whirlwind and it unbelievably went much faster than the first year. He started walking, running and talking and he now even says small sentences. It’s crazy how much can change in a year! Noah is totally obsessed with yellow right now so I decided to go with a yellow theme for his party this year. The decor was yellow, the food was yellow and we even asked our guests to wear yellow. Noah was quite pleased. He walked around the house pointing at everything saying “yellow yellow yellow.” I got so stressed over all the work I had to do but it was so worth it to see his happy, smiling face about all that yellow.Buffet 4Buffet 1

We served burgers and hot dogs…I know, not yellow but I couldn’t think of a good yellow main dish. Deviled eggs, potato salad, mac-n-cheese bites, mexicorn dip, pineapple skewers, cupcakes and a yellow candy bar also graced the buffet.

Although it was sweltering outside, the kids had some fun…
Kids Playing 1
jumping in the bounce house,
Bean Bag 10
playing beanbags, knocking over cans,
Boys Playing Ball 1
shooting hoops
Noah, Daddy and Bubbles 2
and playing with bubbles.

Although Joel and I aren’t big fans of chocolate, we somehow have a little chocoholic baby. So naturally I went with chocolate cupcakes for him. Once again, he didn’t dig into them as much as we thought he would.
Cupcake for Noah 10 edited
Cupcake for Noah 22
But he did stick his face and fingers in the frosting.
Cupcake for Noah 28
And he put his cupcake wrapper on his head. He was an overall goofball as always!
Whole Family 1
And here is the whole family decked out in yellow. Not a bad looking crowd at all! Happy Birthday my love! Here’s hoping two is terrific, not terrible!

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