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I came to the conclusion recently that my photography has been lacking to say the least. I’m not going to say it’s awful but it definitely could be a lot better. Usually when it comes down to getting the photos taken, it’s about 15 minutes past starving and the boys are both hanging on me wondering when dinner is going to be done. So I end up plopping the food on the table, turning on my external flash which is attached to an umbrella, taking a few quick shots and hoping that a little photoshop editing can help. Not the best plan for a food blogger, eh?

I will say that my photography has improved as my blog has grown. Just look back at the early days and you will see what I am talking about. But it’s still not what I aspire and hope it to be.

So this year, I have made a promise to myself to only shoot in manual mode. I had been using aperture mode on my camera but I just fell into a routine and nothing was looking all that great. It’s amazing how much perspective and creativity can happen when one little switch is flipped on my beloved camera. I have had this darn thing for years and have just been terrified to use it in its intended form. But I’m taking the leap now!

You know what else? I am going to attempt to “style” my food too. Shocking, I know. I should have been doing this all along but I haven’t really attempted it because I usually just can’t find the time and Noah is always putting his little fingers into everything so it’s kind of hard to have things set up perfectly. So, I decided to plan out my shots and props while my little man is napping. I’ve been cruising blogs and pinterest for inspiration and now I am obsessed with expanding my “prop closet.”

I’m still struggling a bit with natural lighting. I would love to use it all the time but I am often taking pictures of our meal right before we eat it and it’s usually dark or getting there at dinner this time of year. I know full time food bloggers make their meals and photograph them at lunch time then reheat for dinner but that doesn’t fit the lifestyle of a toddler. Sooo, I’m working on it.

I can’t promise that everything will be gorgeous and wonderfully styled but I hope that you will see a marked improvement!


  1. I just got my 1st DSLR this week- and I’m struggling with that crazy manual mode too- and I work full time…so summer is the only time I even have natural light- isn’t it funny how blogging about food makes you want to take amazing photos of it? I started submitting photos to food gawker and taste spotting about 2 years ago (and was rejected hundreds of times!) – these sites did more to help my photography than any class. Good luck!!! I already love your pictures 😉

    1. Thanks so much! I would have never guessed that you didn’t have a DSLR camera for all the great shots you have on your blog! I got rejected so many times by taste spotting that I gave up, haha! Maybe I should start trying again….

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